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Uni-D Platform

Pave Your Way to Success

Blending personalized guidance with advanced technology, the Uni-D Platform gives you the tools and support to confidently navigate your educational and career paths.

F1 | Year8 | Grade7

F2 | Year9 | Grade8

F3 | Year10 | Grade9

F4 | Year11 | Grade10

F5 | Year12 | Grade11

F6 | Year13 | Grade12

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Uncover your academic passions, find your best fit universities, and identify what you need to get into your dream university.

Build up your core skills, become a better writer, ace your interviews, and plan awesome extracurricular activities.

Get expert tips and insights to help you earn offers from your dream universities and shape your future.


Our Track Record

Our students had great successes in past years



Chance of Admission to G5 & Ivy League Universities

Our Model

We have a proven methodology to lead our students to top-tier universities


Paving the fundamental building blocks for our students by guiding them:

  • Which country (US, UK or Canada) is most suitable for them 

  • What courses are most suited for their passions and interests

  • Their admission chances to date and improvement plan



A continuous improvement cycle which spans up to 4 years:

  • Pick the right subject combination at school

  • Build key university admission skills (writing, interview, time management, leadership) and extracurricular activities/passion projects

  • Standardised admissions test preparation (SAT/ACT, Oxbridge Admissions Test, UCAT/BMAT, LNAT)



Unique university application for final year secondary students:

  • Strong secondary school reports with relevant subjects

  • Outstanding teacher references and/or recommendations

  • Compelling personal statements & essays

  • Acing admission interviews

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How our success students get into top-tier universities

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Tammy Yip

Imperial, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and the University of Toronto

Thank you Tina for assisting and coaching my daughter during her journey of preparing herself in applying top schools. 

Apart from advising my daughter on building her profile with extracurricular activities and volunteering experience on top of her academic competencies, Tina also supported her in identifying suitable majors and schools strategically.  

More importantly, different universities look for different things in applicants, Tina supported my daughter to write outstanding and relevant admission statements addressing different selection standards. 

Highly appreciated Tina's work and I was so pleased that my daughter had been offered by many top schools in UK, US and Canada eventually.


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