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Uni-D Platform

Discover・Progress・Achieve: Your Pathway to Success

The Uni-D Platform combines personalized guidance with advanced technology to help you discover your passions, progress in your studies, and achieve your dream university admissions. With innovative tools and expert support, we guide you every step of the way.

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Passion Finder

Explore a wide range of subjects to discover what you really love to study and do. Identify your academic passions and understand your unique learning style.


Extracurricular Finder

Find activities that match your interests and boost your extracurricular profile. Create impactful extracurricular plans both in and out of school.


Interactive Uni Map

Check out universities around the world to find the perfect fit for you. Learn about different university systems and identify which one suits your goals.



Extracurricular Profile Diagnosis

See how your extracurriculars stack up and get personalized recommendations to improve. Enhance your profile to stand out in university applications.

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Writing Skill Assessments

Sharpen your writing skills with expert feedback and advice. Improve your essays and personal statements to make a strong impression.

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Interview Skill Assessments

Practice with mock interviews and receive personalized feedback to boost your confidence and performance.


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Find Educator

Connect with admissions professionals and industry experts for personalized guidance. Schedule a one-on-one online consultation for tailored advice on university applications and career insights.

How It Works?



for an account and complete the student profile



the milestone questionnaire



through the Passion Finder, Extracurricular Finder, Interactive Uni Map



skills with the Extracurricular Profile Diagnosis, Writing and Interview Skill Assessments


with Uni-D Educators


  • Masterclass Series
    Uni-D Masterclasses feature top academics from renowned universities around the world, delivering engaging online sample classes across various disciplines. Explore different majors and get a firsthand taste of university education.
  • Interview Skills Workshop
    Our Interview Skills Workshop is designed to boost your confidence and help you excel in admission interviews. Join group sessions to learn essential techniques, practice mock interviews, and get personalized feedback from admissions experts.
  • Work Experience Program
    Explore different professions with Uni-D’s Work Experience Program. Gain real-world experience, vital skills, and valuable connections in the startup and tech sectors. This program helps you understand your future career path.
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